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Contact: Melissa Green | 323-854-4881

Sue Bell

Sue's passion for imagination, curiosity and education has led her on many amazing adventures. Originally hailing from Canada, Sue has taught all over the world.  Her greatest learning experience came from her 3 year stay in China, where she created an international curriculum that marries the importance of education with the excitement and wonderment of being a child.  Sue brought this same philosophy when she moved to LA in 2008 and started her preschool, Giggles and Grass Stains Creative Learning Program (2008 - 2017).  As of late, when she isn’t exploring fairy villages or regaling troll stories with the M&S campers, Sue spends most of her time tromping through the mountains of Lake Arrowhead where she lives with her family and tiny dog.

Mad Scientists

Come join Dr. Swanson and Sue Bell in Griffith Park for a class of science, exploring, crafting and fun! Each class will take a closer, more scientific look at the magical world around us. The fun will include a science lesson, experiments, crafts and hikes! 

First Sunday of every month Oct - May

9a - 1p

Ages 5-10   $75     Email Sue for more details.