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Contact: Melissa Green | 323-854-4881

Melissa Green

Melissa Green has always loved working with kids.  She was teaching preschool in NYC in 2003 when she was inspired by her students to write kids songs.  For the past 13 years, Melissa has been performing with her band, teaching private music playgroups for families, leading cooking classes for kids and most recently has trained to be Postpartum Doula for foster/adoptive families.  She also has created an intention setting, dance/yoga class for grown-ups called "Heart + Soul Dance"


Kid's Music

Melissa was teaching preschool in NYC in 2003 when she was inspired to write kids songs. She released her first album, Here We Go in 2005 and now has 4 albums and a book inspired by her award winning song, The Seahorse Song. You can also see Melissa perform at The Grove and other venues in LA.


Music Classes

Join or host a family and me music class.  Each class is balanced with familiar tunes and routines as well as new songs you and your child can learn together.  With instruments, scarves and toys, she will focus on building confidence, sharing, language development and overall music appreciation. 


Email about gathering and hosting your own group!

Open class: Mondays at 4:30p + Fridays at 10:30a at Melissa's home in Silver Lake

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Cooking Classes

While teaching preschool in 2003, Melissa learned that she loves to cook with kids.  She loves their curiosity and tries to get them to taste what they made, even along the way.  She teaches small groups at families homes.  

Email about gathering and hosting your own group!

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Heart + Soul Dance

"Heart + Soul Dance is an uplifting and empowering  class that includes an intention setting meditation, cardio dance, and yoga. The class creates positive energy while practicing gratitude and dancing to music that allows you to shine as your best self!  Classes are taught at Heartbeat House in Atwater